Easter European Ogre Fixer


Gremlin has been in the Seattle shadows only a litle over a year. However, he ran some heavy types in Eastern Europe for several years before. Nobody seems to know why he came to Seattle, or how he got ensconced as rapidly as he did. He does not seem to know any of the Big fixers like Adana Link or Chuckles.

He does, however have a fairly wide ranging stable of runners, but most of them are relative newcomers to the shadows, leading most people to belive he is not much more than a terminal sweeping pimp of a Fixer.

He speaks with a fairly heavy accent, but many people have heard him speaking uninflected UCAS Seattle dialect. He usually carries a matte submachinegun under his beat up armored trench coat, and he often wears a matching matching fedora. For many of his meat meetings he often travels with a nearly albino female dwarf, with one eye.



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